ODF Interoperability Workshop
Granada 15-17, 2010 | Spain

Third ODF Plugfest in Granada (Spain)

The next ODF plugfest will be held in Granada (Spain) on April 15-16-17 2010. This is the third in a series of events that will bring together implementors of OASIS OpenDocument Format/ISO 26300 to unilaterally test and discuss implementation issues of ODF with each other. All ODF implementors and/or those looking into the matter are invited to participate in this event on behalf of Cenatic, the Netherlands government and OpenDoc Society.

The aim is to provide a low-level hands-on interoperability testing environment in which
vendors and community members can fine tune the interoperability capabilities of their ODF implementations and make test cases, recommendations and create best practices for implementors.

The ultimate goal is to achieve full seamless interoperability for the entire feature set of ODF across all suppliers, platforms and supported technologies.

The workshop is meant for people who write and architect the code to handle the actual ODF in
applications – desktop editors and viewers, online apps, mobile, etc. Participants should represent every major team behind the various competing ODF products, their direct (technical) management and community leaders, as well as the members of the ODF OIC committee.

The event is organised by CENATIC, the Dutch government programme Netherlands in Open Connection and OpenDoc Society together with the OASIS ODF TC, OASIS ODF OIC TC and ODF Adoption TC.