Tentative schedule Day I


9.30h Opening by Frank Heemskerk,
minister of Foreign Economic Affairs”Enabling interoperability through ODF”
9.45h Introduction by Bert Bakker,
chairman of OpenDoc Society”ODF Maturity in a multi-vendor paradigm”
10.00h Ineke Schop, Program manager
Netherlands in Open Connection”ODF within the government: a clear business case”
10.15h J. David Ibáñez,
ITAAPY”ODF test documents: experiences from ODF2XLIFF”
10.30h Bart Hanssens,
FEDICT”Interoperability and Conformance testing within OASIS
10.45h Break
11.00h Debate: How do we converge on
handling historical application formats
Consistent mapping of
historical file formats on ODFLed by Patrick Durusau (editor ODF)
12.00h – 13.30h Lunch
13.30h Sander Marchechal, lead
developer”Setting the stage for
interoperability testing” offers a rendering farm for ODF applications
13.45 – 17.00 Start of parallel sessions in

  1. Text documents
  2. Spread sheets
  3. Presentations


  • N.B. Each of the tracks will deal
    with topics specific to those application areas such as:
  • Character and paragraph styling
  • Lists
  • Footnotes, end-notes and
  • Field data
  • Tables
  • Graphics and embedded objects
  • Handling Embedded Scripting
  • Pagination
  • Maintaining foreign elements in
  • ODF
18.30h – 20.30h Workshop dinner, offered by the Dutch government.


Tentative schedule Day II:

9.30h Marino Marcich, director ODF
Alliance:”The challenge of seamless interoperability”
9.45h Robert Weir, Chair OASIS ODF
TC”From ODF pre-1.2 to ODF 1.2″
10.10h Oliver Wittmann (Sun
Microsystems)”ODF Next – what’s on the shopping list”
10.35h Break
10.50h – 12.00h Continued parallel sessions
12.00h – 13.30h Lunch
13.30h – 16.00h Continued parallel sessions

Wrapup panel

“How do we cooperate on the
future of interop?”

From interop workshops to perpetual plugfests

17.00h Closing reception